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Danée advocates on behalf of both client and craftsman. Everyone seems to walk away feeling equally heard and respected. The ability to keep each trade on schedule and within budget is not an easy task. Danée makes it look effortless; Because the design begins and ends with her, the project never loses its integrity. She’s a pleasure to work beside.

Ryan Kilsby Owner / Operator, WaterWorks Irrigation

Danée is easy to work with, extremely motivated, and mighty in her execution. She has an ever-growing, and respected reputation with contractors and tradesmen, allowing her to easily connect all the dots needed to accomplish any project.

Paul Carr Valued Client

Danée is as good as they come. Never once did we feel the need to question her methods. Danée effortlessly aligned herself with our vision, acting on our behalf throughout the process, even when it meant saying NO. Danée is as well connected and has a keen eye for good design principals, bringing with her an excess of skilled tradesman to accomplish the design.

Daphna Mills Valued Client

Amidst the muddied waters of communication within the landscaping industry, Danée is crystal clear. Balancing her roles as project manager, designer, and translator, no detail seems slips by her. Whether client or contractor, they’re lucky to have her at the helm.

John Connors Site Superintendent / Foreman, Bricklok

Danée’s approach is direct, professional, resourceful and delivered with refreshing confidence and constructive communication. Her project management skills were by far the best we have seen in the industry. It is entirely clear that the clients’ wishes and involvement in key decisions are of the foremost importance for Danée

Anne and Shane Wrona Valued Clients
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